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If your relationship with Google AdSense ended prematurely, or if it never started for one reason or another, you are probably in process of looking for viable alternatives. Although it is difficult to beat Google and their huge number of advertisers, bidding system and vast amount of targeting data, there are some alternatives that can provide similar functionality or maybe even comparable revenue. Networks I will mention, don’t just have to be used as alternatives, but can be also used to supplement your AdSense earnings and fill unsold inventory. Here is a short review on few networks that proved to work well.


BuySellAds is a great AdSense alternative that allows you to sell ads directly to advertisers. You just create an account, add your website to their marketplace, paste the code and wait for one of the thousands of advertisers to buy you ad space. Your website needs to be attractive and provide value to visitors, or advertisers will avoid advertising on it. Depending on your website attractiveness, you can make really serious money with them. In addition, they take care of all the hassle that comes with direct ad sales, such as payment processing and statistics. Revenue share they give is 75%, which is in my opinion quite generous considering the quality of service they offer.

Payment methods: PayPal, check or wire transfer

Payment terms: NET15, no minimum amount is a contextual PPC program, which makes it similar to AdSense. They serve ads from Yahoo! Bing network, which manages technology and brings in advertisers. At this moment, they are by invite only and have quite high requirements. If you can get in, results will be quite good, comparable to those from Adsense. Some larger authority publishers report even better results. They seem to be focused mostly on North American market. This, compared to extended period of exclusivity makes me wonder if they are making a same mistake like Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) did before them.

Payment methods: PayPal or wire transfer

Payment terms: NET30, minimum $100


Similar to, Chitika also serves contextual based text and image ads. In the past they were also offering targeting based on the search keyword if the visitor came from a search engine. But since Google Search started encrypting search results, they probably dropped this or they perhaps just serve them to visitors coming from Bing or Yahoo. Anyway, they don’t mention this feature in their materials any more. They serve ads for many countries, but rates for US and Canada are much higher in comparison. In addition, most of their ads seem to be for consumer electronics and similar vertical, so if your visitors have interest in these you will do well.

Payment methods: PayPal or check

Payment terms: NET30, minimum $50


Bidvertiser is another pay per click based program with a very long tradition. Unlike other PPC networks mentioned here, it doesn’t work on contextual basis, but advertisers directly bid for clicks on your websites. If there are no bids for your ad spots, they serve third party ads which are either CPM or CPA based, depending on who is serving them. Their default ad format is a text ad very similar to old school AdSense ads. They also offer graphical banners, XML feed ads and you can even create your own toolbar! Personally I don’t see this one working these days.

Payment methods: PayPal, check, Western Union or wire transfer

Payment terms: NET30, minimum $10 for PayPal, $100 for checks


Peerfly is an affiliate network that is regularly voted as the best by their publishers. Since it’s an affiliate network, you will get paid only when the visitor you refer to them converts. This means that performance and revenue will mostly depend on quality of traffic and your ability to choose offers that your visitors will find appealing. They have more than 1500 offers available to more than fifty countries. One thing I like about Peerfly is that most offers don’t require individual approval process; you can start promoting them immediately. Another thing worth mentioning is their banner rotator which lets you choose vertical you wish to promote or simply use all.

Payment methods: PayPal, bank wire, Payoneer or check

Payment terms: NET30, minimum $50

Casale Media

Casale is a CPM ad network and my all-time favorite AdSense alternative. Their real time bidding (RTB) will always serve best paying ads for your visitors’ demographics. During the holiday seasons earnings with them can be even higher than AdSense. Only drawbacks with them are that they prefer higher traffic websites and the requirements in terms of quality are quite high.

Payment methods: Check and PayPal

Payment terms: NET30, minimum $25

4 thoughts on “Best Google AdSense alternatives

  1. Swayam Das

    You could have mentioned “Peerfly” and “Casale Media” on maybe another list. Primarily because those are CPA sites not particularly in the CPC niche isn’t?

    1. Ilir Fekaj Post author

      In this article I covered networks that performed similar to Adsense in terms of performance, regardless of their pricing model. I wrote another article that covers only PPC networks. Unfortunately, many of those didn’t perform so well for me.

  2. Yana

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    Happy Earnings!


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