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Ever since the early days of web, browser developers and users were trying to find ways to block the dreaded popup ads. At the same time, popup ad networks and publishers were trying to stay one step ahead. You may ask yourself why this form of advertising is still being used even though it is so unpopular. Why do even big brands use it to promote their products or services? The answer is that it converts well for advertisers and brings in good revenue for publishers. These days you won’t see many websites that make this form of advertising notorious, such as sites with multiple pops which are impossible to close and can even cause your browser to crash. Nowadays, most websites prefer pop-under ads, which humbly stay behind the browser window and don’t affect user experience and usually are served once per 24 hours. To be honest, there are far more annoying formats than this, including but not limited to interstitials, in-text ads, video ads or sliders. Popups and pop-under ads are usually paid on CPM or CPA basis, rarely on PPC. In this article I will present to you several networks that I used in the past. Some of these networks are either specializing in pop-under ads or are general CPM networks that have very good rates for pop-under ads.

Pop-under ads or popups are not suitable for all niches though. For example visitors of freebie websites are more tolerant to pops compared to, for example, visitors looking for information regarding business.


PopAds is exclusively a pop-under advertising network that doesn’t offer any other formats. Revenues and rates mostly depend on your website topic and quality of your traffic. For example, a website that covers financial services or insurance will have rates significantly higher than the websites offering freebies or alike. They accept most websites, but the CPM rates will gradually drop if the quality of your traffic is low. In order to improve your CPM rates, I recommend that you choose appropriate categories and keywords for your website, as targeting is based on this information.

Currently PopAds has advertisers in many categories from more than 50 countries. Rates will of course be best for Western countries, but I noticed that Southern Asian and Indian traffic perform well also. They allow publishers to show more than one pop-under per user session, but I wouldn’t recommend this as the rates drop after the first impression and the visitors get annoyed. Support is friendly and helpful and will solve all your issues quickly. I recommend you give them a try if you haven’t.

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Adcash is mostly a performance based ad network. I say mostly because their pop-under ads are based on a hybrid of CPM and CPA pricing models. Even though they track conversions for these ads, for some reason these conversions don’t appear in reports. Due to this hybrid model, revenue may fluctuate significantly depending on the number of conversions. Unlike PopAds, they offer other ad formats besides pop-under ads, including standard graphical and flash banners which are based on CPA pricing model.

One thing I dislike about Adcash is that publishers are unable to control the number of pop-under impressions per user session. This means that by default they will serve one pop for every page view, which can seriously affect user experience. Even though publishers are paid for raw impressions, rates significantly drop after the first impression. In order to limit the number of ads displayed to a reasonable one or two per session, you can contact their support or write a script in your preferred programming language.

Even though they are not a pop-under only ad network, they are on this list because their rates for pops are higher than average. Their tech support is helpful; they pay on time, so I recommend you give them a try. Please read my full review.

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Gunggo is CPM only ad network. They do not specialize in pops only, as they offer other formats as well, but their rates are so good that they deserve a place on this list. Number of pop-under impressions is limited to one per visitor per 24 hours. Their ads will perform best if majority of your traffic comes from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia. However, even though I’m not based in any of these countries, I can see their ads, which means they have advertisers for other regions as well. Their tech support is helpful and professional and will solve any issues you have in a timely manner. So far I have had very good experience with this network, so I recommend you give them a try. Please read my full review.

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Like PopAds, this network is also exclusively a CPM pop-under ad network. The CPM rates they offer are good and similar to other networks I covered in this article. They limit number of popups to one per user session, which limits annoyance for your visitors. Like with many other networks, you will have the best results if majority of your traffic comes from developed countries, but they have advertisers for most countries and the fill rate is usually good. The most impressive feature they offer is daily payments, which is very rare in the online business. I have good experience with them so far, so I can recommend you give them a try too. Please read my full review.

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17 thoughts on “Best pop-under ad networks

  1. Patrick

    Any feedback on Wiget Media & thoughts on how effectively pop under networks can perform?
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. S.

      Wiget offers a self-serve platform and huge reach, up to 100 million pops per day across the globe. Should def. be worth trying if you are looking for popunder inventory.

    2. John

      Try ad network. i’m using their pops for 1 of my blog from last 4 months and i’m seeing good revenue from them

  2. Saad

    these are all popunder network also all these network is best recently i use its count all of my traffic also gave good rate as well as these networks

    1. Yuvraj

      December 14, 2010 I’ve never worked with Altitude Digital Partners bfroee, I’ll have to check them out. One of my larger sites was always having problems getting past a 25% fill rate for total impressions. If you don’t mind me asking, what type of CPM have you been able to average out on roughly?

  3. Gandy

    you need to know how to monetize this kind of traffic. I have an adult site and having pop up from and its ok so far. Fast payment etc but never expect to make sales or spend too much money on pop traffic if you promoting a product such weight loss product or something. never works. But it works with CPA so far.

  4. Jason

    CPMOZ and adscpm are the worst network i had seen, they guys offer traffic which quality is below than 0% i will never advise anyone to try these networks.

  5. Frank

    I use and I received 5 payments from them in 3 weeks. They pay everytime. Excellent network !

  6. Alekz

    The best popunder network i tryed in years.

    1.- Real time stats.
    2.- Net 0 (24h payments)
    3.- Withdraw from 0,50$ only.
    4.- High capping options.
    5.- High support.
    6.- High cpms.

    You need try this:


  7. Tiberius

    You can try
    ✓All campaigns are checked daily by staff
    ✓We accept most websites, in maximum two hours from request
    ✓Targeted campaigns with a very good bid rate
    ✓We pay for worldwide traffic
    ✓We offer real time statistics
    ✓Daily processed payments- you can get paid twice, three time per day
    ✓The minimal withdrawal is $10 through PayPal
    ✓24/7 support
    ✓We offer a referral system where you can earn 5% of the amount deposited by your referees.
    ✓The type of ads we offer is pop-under

  8. james anthony

    As of 2016 none of these networks are at the top. The only networks that are any good now are Ad Maven and Propelorads.


    However, if Google can t deliver, webmasters may have no choice but to look elsewhere. The question is, what ad-format is going to replace that income? I don t like saying it, but pop-unders seems like a winner in this environment.


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