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Bidvertiser is a pay per click network founded in 2003. They are one of the very few PPC companies that survived competition with Google AdSense. These two companies were founded at about the same time, but it seems that Bidvertiser was never able to get a larger chunk of the market. Even though I mention them as competitors, the way they work is quite different. AdSense is context based, which means they will fine tune ads to match the exact context of a page. On the other hand, Bidvertiser allows advertisers to bid on broad category and keywords. These are matched against the ones provided by the publishers. This can cause a big difference in targeting between these two networks, especially on niche websites or sites with diverse content. As a result you may see similar ads on most of your pages. TMSCWVMNY39K

Supported Ad formats include text ads, toolbars and XML feed ads. Their text ads look a bit like old school AdSense ads. This is not necessarily a bad thing since they can be blended into content very well. You can choose all standard sizes, including banners, rectangles, towers and even mobile optimized ads which will only be visible to mobile users. Their second option is the toolbar creator. You can create a custom toolbar which will allow your visitors to search the web and your website, search your YouTube channel, share stuff with their friends etc. To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone in 2014 installing a toolbar just like that. Even if you trick them to do it, they will hate you for that. However, I never tried this option, so I can’t really tell if it works or not. Please use comments if you had and how is your experience with this. XML feed ads will allow you to place their sponsored ads in your search results or web apps.

In some categories they have very low supply of ads. To improve their fill rate, they use third party ads, of which I found some to be rather low quality. I have seen many of those download now/play now ads, which may be deceiving for visitors. Revenue stats update every 24 hours during weekdays and up to 72 hours on weekends. If you prefer to check your stats several times a day, you will probably be disappointed. Their reports don’t show number of clicks on your ads, but something they call revenue points. Reason for this is that not all their ads are PPC, but they also serve some CPM and performance based ads as well. This is their way of mixing it all into a single report. It adds to simplicity, but you will never know how many clicks your ads received.

Is it possible to make any revenue with them? Although this review didn’t sound so great for most of the time, Bidvertiser can bring you surprisingly good earnings! How much will you make mostly depends on your website category and content quality, as well as how well you design your ads. Ad position, such as the one near content or below navigation can also help you improve your results. Another thing worth mentioning is their tradition. Just by surviving for so long in turbulent world of website marketing is a good recommendation by itself.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $10 for PayPal and $50 for check, paid on every thirty days (NET30).

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Check
  • Western Union

Payment proof


What I like

  • Reliable and long term partner
  • Always pay and they pay on time
  • CPM rates and overall revenue is good
  • Excellent support
  • Low minimum payment threshold for PayPal payments
  • Helpful and responsive support

What I don’t like

  • Ads served by their third party partners may not be the best quality
  • Somewhat vague reporting
  • Low ad supply in certain categories and niches

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12 thoughts on “Bidvertiser review (pay per click)

  1. Noob Hunter

    thanks for such a nice post…Can you please suggest which ad network should I prefer for my blog…
    waiting for reply..

      1. Jonny

        Almost every small time blogger eventually gets banned by Google for totally BS flimsy reaasons that are NEVER explained by Google with totally useless and futile appeal process. Simply Google now has gotten into the habit of banning people once they feel they no longer want to pay you. You can bet Google will never ban or Plenty of Fish but they have no problem banning small bloggers and WordPress publishers. Simply, GOOGLE SUCKS.

    1. Jonny

      Avoid AdSense. Do not even think of getting involved with AdSense. Getting banned is now totally unavoidable. Just ask around various forums and blog publishers.

  2. rosy

    East or west absence is the best. Follow the terms and policies of the Google and I guarantee you they will never ban you. Because My friend used Adsence almost for ten years on her blog. I used Google Adsence for more than one years on my site

    1. Mark

      I disagree Rosy.

      I have been working with Adsense for many years, following their rules, mid-sized website, never had problems with them, few thousand USD payments a month – which is very good and something you certainly don’t want to loose by clicking on your own ads!

      However, recently, they’ve banned my account, the reasons being:

      Implementing AdSense for mobile in your mobile application or other downloadable programs for mobile phones that display AdSense ads or search fields

      Implementing third party toolbars that contain ad code or otherwise direct users to pages with Google search results or ads.

      Which is a total BS, since I never had any mobile applications, nor sidebars, or anything similar!

      Several thousand USD gone! Lesson learnt – don’t rely just on google adsense.

  3. Ady

    i try Bidvertiser but my earnings are low.I recommend to use I earn around $0,10 per click.

  4. Mark Angelo

    i been using bidvertiser for a year, recently google penalized my website for using this ad network, my website is gone on google search engine. , i checked my webmaster tools and google notify me for sneaky mobile redirect., i removed bidvertiser code/script and send a request for review on google after 8 days the violation has been lifted, i warned everybody to stop using bidvertiser.


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