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During the golden days of Google AdSense program, many websites could use them exclusively as their only source of advertisements. AdSense is still a very important source of income these days, but the decline in earnings, restrictive program policies and quality of ads are forcing many publishers to look for other programs to supplement their income or as an alternative. All this created room for other networks, such as Casale, to take a chunk of this lucrative market. Casale Media is a premium, top tier CPM ad network from Canada. Ad targeting and serving is automatically optimized based on many different factors, including geographic location, page context, browser, user response, retargeting etc. Advertisers buy ads using programmatic real-time bidding platform. RTB is a form of programmatic advertising which allows advertisers to purchase ad space through real-time auctions using automated process. This whole process is transparent, as publishers can see detailed reports on bidding activity such as: number of bids per impression, sources of demand, industries by demand, average winning and losing bids etc.

Formal requirements to join are not very high, as they require only 50,000 monthly unique visitors, and I believe they will accept sites in certain niches that have less traffic. Besides traffic requirements, they have a more or less standard set of terms including no illegal or adult content, no promotion of violence and the similar. In addition, pages need to be well-designed with high quality content and written in English language. They actually enforce all these requirements, which give Casale Media a reputation of being very picky in terms of what sites or content they accept in. They were like this at the time I joined and, from what I can read lately, they stick to this policy. If you get rejected, don’t give up. Reread their TOS, make corrections if possible and reapply. If you get rejected again, simply move on, as there are many other CPM networks available.

Publisher control panel is rather impressive and is, in my humble opinion, one of the best in the industry. Interface is clean and everything is easily accessible. In addition to detail statistics, account management and code generator, publishers have an option to manage private exchanges. Private exchange allows qualifying publishers to sell their unsold premium inventory directly to advertisers. To activate this option, you are required to contact your account manager, since it’s not automatically available to all publishers. To be honest, I never tried this option. If you have, please let me know in comments.

Ad formats they offer are not particularly exciting, as they only support standard banners (728×90), rectangles (300×250, 336×280), towers (120×600, 160×600, 300×600), mobile web banners (234×60, 300×50, 320×50) and pop-unders. They require of publishers to place ads above the fold, within the first 600 pixels. As their advertisers pay for ad impressions, they do enforce this rule. An interesting feature that many will appreciate is the option to set up a floor rate, (which is the minimum CPM rate for your ad inventory). Please note that this may reduce your fill rate significantly if you set it too high, so you should have some higher-paying backup ads to fill this inventory.

Setting up default (fallback) ads may be confusing if you are new to their interface, but it is actually very easy. You have two options available: you can either set a static image and link as your default ad, or you can paste HTML or Javascript code. This second option is where people usually get confused because they require that you also provide a link and an image file in addition to the ad code. These will only be shown to visitors whose browsers don’t support Javascript and all others will see your dynamic ad. It takes few hours for their system to update default ads, so don’t be alarmed.

They have a referral program that pays 5% commission on earnings if you refer a publisher and 5% of ad spending if you refer an advertiser. In both cases you will receive commission for the next 12 months after referral sign-up.

And now for the most important question, is it possible to make any money with them? By all means – yes. I joined them back in 2005. In the beginning I used them as a backup ad network, but I gradually increased their share to the level that they are becoming my main source of income. Earnings are lowest at the beginning of the year and they slowly increase, reaching their peak during holiday season when their CPM rates go over the roof. Average CPM rate I get is $0.30 – $0.40, which is the highest I’ve seen recently. Fill rate can be rather low, especially if your website gets many visitors outside of US, UK, Canada or Australia. For international traffic, I would suggest setting up default ads.

With all previously said, I can highly recommend this network. If you meet their requirements and get accepted, you won’t regret it.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $0, paid every 30 days (NET30). Payments are sent on 24th or 25th every month.

Payment methods

  • Check
  • PayPal

What I like

  • Great CPM rates
  • Quality ads and advertisers
  • Good support
  • On-time payments
  • Well-earned reputation

What I dislike

  • Fill rate can be quite low
  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Difficult to get in
  • Due to high requirements, they may not be suitable for beginner bloggers or webmasters


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    I plan to apply CPM for my website.
    But, I have no idea about which CPM company available in my area, except Google Adsense.
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