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Conversant (formerly known as ValueClick Media) is a top-tier programmatic CPM network based in the United States. Since it was founded back in 1998, Conversant evolved from a traditional ad network to become a personalized marketing platform that drives more than five million sales per day. In February 2014, ValueClick, Comission Junction, Greystripe, Mediaplex and Dotomi united under the same brand name. Beside CPM ads, they also serve PPC and performance based ads, but you won’t be able to choose preferred pricing model, as the ads are served and optimized dynamically. They use real time bidding platform which allows advertisers to bid for every ad impression in real time. This platform is very sophisticated and allows advertisers to fine tune their targeting to specific user demographics, geo location or page content.

Traffic requirements to join are not very high, as they only require 3000 impressions per month. Even though their traffic requirements are very low, their ads will perform significantly better on high traffic websites. More impressions will give their algorithm enough data to segment your content and determine nature of your traffic. This is not specific to Conversant and it applies to all RTB programmatic ad networks. Their ads may not be placed on websites that promote hatred or violence, contain illegal content, activities or have incentive traffic. You can’t place more than one ad per page or two pops per user session (including theirs). I strongly advice you to read their TOS in detail before signing up. I can’t comment on sign-up process since I joined more than five years ago, but if nothing changed since this, it’s a quick and painless process.

They support all standard IAB ad formats, including static and interactive banners, rectangles and towers; pop-unders, interstitals, in-text ads, half page, flexible banners and InVue. InVue ad is just a fancy name for a lightbox ad that appears over the page content. Their ad quality is good, and so far I haven’t seen any ads containing spyware or trojans. However, they show ads for applications that install toolbars, such as IMVU or iMesh. These applications are legit though, and allow users to opt-out during the installation. If you prefer not to show some ads, they provide very advanced filter that allows you to filter specific ads, advertisers or advertisement categories. Interesting option is to build a white list of specific advertisers that you wish to promote. Please note that using this option may significantly lower your earnings.

In addition to advertising, publishers can earn with their referral program. They offer 5% of referred publishers’ earnings for a period of twelve months.

Is it possible to make money with Conversant (ValueClick)? By all means, Conversant is a great company to work with. In my experience, their CPM rates are slightly lower than the ones given by Casale Media, although their fill rate is much higher (around 98%) so it compensates on lower CPM. I have been using them since 2009 on two of my websites, in addition to AdSense, with very good results. Niche of these websites is not the most profitable, but I’m getting constant 0.15-0.20 euro for banners and around 1 euro for pops. I highly recommend this network.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is 25€, paid on the 20th every month (NET30). I must add they are very punctual with their payment schedule.

Payment methods

  • Wire transfer (no fee)

What I like

  • Wire transfer payment is free of charge, regardless of payment amount
  • Good support
  • Low payment threshold
  • Minimum traffic requirement is only 3000 impressions per month
  • Respectable company with well-deserved reputation
  • Good CPM rates

What I dislike

  • Like many CPM networks, it performs better on high traffic websites


3 thoughts on “Conversant review (formerly ValueClick)

  1. Umar Abubakar Siddiq Ibn

    Wanted to sign up with CONVERSANT but my country GHANA is not in their list of countries. What do you think I do? Wont I have problems when claiming revenue if I use another country?

    1. Tino

      What’s great is that it’s already bootesd the total number of running ads by 300. Last month we hit a bit of a plateau, so we needed something to get more ads running across the network.

  2. anonymous

    Hi, nice to hear reviews from conversant, there aren’t many of them.
    But… I think you are wrong about that only one ad per page thing.. (?) I didn’t find any that kind of sentence in TOS.. Where exactly it say u can only have 1 ad?


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