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Gunggo is a CPM ad network from Canada, founded in 2006. Being CPM based means you will be paid for ad impressions coming from your website. Ads are dynamically optimized by their ad serving platform to serve highest earning ads possible for your content and category, but are not affected by your user demographics. Site category is set by your account manager and you can’t change it manually. Officially in their FAQ, they claim that they are using third party ad serving platform from Zedo. However, if you look at the source code for their ads, ad serving platform seems to be from another company called DirectRev. This is not really important, as this one appears to work quite well.

Recently I was contacted by their media buyer Annie who offered to beat my current advertisers with above average rates and fixed CPM. I don’t usually respond to these emails, but their website offered plenty of details about the company, including their address and phone number. They appeared to be legit so I decided to give them a try. After a quick and painless registration process, I received ad codes from my new account manager. To my surprise, he only sent me popup codes! I asked for other formats, but his response was that they don’t have much demand for other formats, even though in their FAQ they list all standard formats, including banner ads, interstitial, rich media expandable ads etc. Perhaps this only applies to my niche and will be different for your particular website.

They allow you to use your Google or Yahoo account in order to login to their publisher panel, which is uncommon, but helpful. Their publisher panel is very simple to that level that there’s hardly anything there. You can only see a list of your websites and daily stats grouped by month. Stats consist of impressions, clicks and revenue. You can’t add new websites, generate ad codes, and edit your account details or anything else. In order to achieve these, you need to contact your manager. If you prefer to check your stats every five minutes, you won’t like the fact that they are updated only once per day.

All these are just small annoyances, but the question that matters is, can you make any money with them? Short answer is – yes. Their popups are bit more on annoying side, but they offer very high CPM rates. Rates drop significantly if your visitors come from countries other than the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia. If your audience is tolerant to popups, you can make decent extra income with them. Give them a try and let me know of your experience. Minimum traffic is 10,000 unique visitors per month and don’t forget to ask for fixed CPM.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $50, paid on every thirty days (NET30). You are not required to fill any tax documents. However, you are required to send them an invoice every month or setup automatic invoicing by contacting their accounting support.

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Check

What I like

  • Quick approval process
  • CPM rates and overall revenue is good
  • Legit business with phone number and a mail address

What I don’t like

  • Somewhat annoying ads
  • Oversimplified publisher panel
  • You need to contact support for all changes you wish to make to your account
  • Outdated FAQ

Web address

14 thoughts on “Gunggo CPM ad network review

  1. finpro

    These guys contacted me recently. I might give them a try after reading this. In addition to popups, they offered me interstitial and 300×550 gigantic tower ad, which won’t fit anywhere on my pages. Will keep you updated!

  2. finpro

    I received my first payment from them. Very professional network overall with decent rates. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. fiqri

      how do we get paid?
      I have done requets payou in March but till date I have not received the payment?
      whether gunggo scam?

      1. Kat

        Hi Fiqri,

        I assure you we are very professional and payments are always made on time. If there was any problem at all, please feel free to contact me. and I will solve this issue.


  3. Jack

    Has anyone tried optiFUZE? I hear they have a similar unit that’s video based that docks on the lower corner of the page, yet follows ypu as you scroll down.mnthey claim to have better rates then these guys because their unit only shows above the fold impressions.

  4. Roger T

    Stay away from Gunggo – they have bad traffic.
    After performing a test with them – they (Kat Ward) promised I’d get a refund.

    I never heard from them since.

    Stay away from Kat Ward and from Gunggo.

  5. oliver

    We did a test with them before, performance was not got at all – after contacting support we got promised a refund as well, but never heard back. Big scam – stay away from gunggo

  6. Mat

    I have a account over 7 months, and i received payment every month… but this month I have not received payment, and I sent them email and they did not answer !! I contacted Annie Lee Mikaelson and he said it will contact those who handle payments ,

    But this morning I got on my gungoo account and it appears as a cheater :)))
    I have to receive $ 2,500 for May! and $.2600 for April ….

    I am very disappointed 🙁 I have a very large site of serials and movies online.

    1. Kim

      Hi Mat,
      Have you ever received your payment from Gunngo? I’m apprehensive about signing after reading your message.

    2. bharath

      Hope you are doing well.
      I would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to Uber AdMedia. We work with several publishers and Ad networks. We are a CPM network that works with over a billion impressions every month. We can help you monetize your inventory with real time campaigning using the industries best pricing models.
      We work with publishers only from US, UK, CA and AU Geo’s.
      We work with display banner sizes 728×90, 300×250, 160×600.
      Some of the other services that we can provide are:
      • We can provide you with daily or weekly reports.
      • We do prompt payments to all our publishers.
      • We can provide maximum fill rate for all four Geo’s.
      • We provide an individual account rep for every client from start to finish.
      • Guaranteed payments on a Net 30 basis.
      Why don’t you give us a try for a couple of weeks and see our performance and then we can decide whether to take things forward.
      Awaiting your response,

  7. Pavitra

    Yes Those people are never pay..I experienced with gunggo …one of the worlds big scam..those people are simply play with publishers..i highly recommended don’t work with gunggo..since Jan/2015..i got a mail from…i impressed …its a big company having contact number that i think..after 30days …they said net30 we pay…ok..after 30 days i ask for earning amount they said raise invoice..after few days our account team audit..after few days we found voilating of gunggo fucking things…those people are mother fuckers..dont work with gunggo..

  8. Stefan

    I got scammed too, and posted it on my Linkedin group


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