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Kontera is a pay per click and pay per impressions network based in the United States with offices in England and Israel. Unless you’re very new in town, you have probably heard of them, as they have been in this business for nearly eleven years. In all these years, they built a reputation of a respected company and one of the best in this field. They are specialized in contextual in-text or in-content advertisements. This means they will highlight some keywords on your pages and convert them into links. When the user hover the mouse, ad will pop up with more details about the offer. They are using proprietary technology called “Story-Level Targeting”. This technology will not just simply match keywords, but will try to serve best performing ads based on content topic as well as user interest. In reality I didn’t notice any advanced targeting, as the system seems to sometimes highlight keywords that are not particularly relevant to page content.

Signing up with them is not too difficult and they are not too picky. However, your pages need to be content rich or to be more precise text rich. This means that page that has only an image or a video with one line of text is probably not the best choice for their in-text ads. All pages need to be original, written in English, Spanish, or German and have minimum 50 words of text.

In addition to their in-text ads, they support most standard ad formats including text and graphical banners, rich media formats with flash and video. One interesting format worth mentioning is their in-text ad with a custom shaped and sized popup. They provide plugins for convenient code implementation on popular blogging and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Joomla or Drupal.

Admin panel is easy to use and without any unnecessary clutter, with everything neatly tabbed and accessible. I never contacted their support, but according to online reports they seem to respond promptly and are very helpful. They have a referral program which gives you 10% of what the publishers you referred earn in their first year. However, you need to be a publisher with a website that is already a part of their network in order to qualify for their affiliate program.

Is it possible to earn money with them Kontera? Like with all other networks it really depends on many factors. As you may expect, their in-text ads will perform much better on text-rich pages. Also, results will probably be better if you’re in a niche where the visitors are more likely to continue their research, such as product reviews and alike. You can use it alongside AdSense and it won’t take any of your ad space. Personally, as a user I find in-text ads quite intrusive and dislike them more than popups. However, most users don’t mind them, and as a publisher I think you won’t mind extra income. I recommend you should give them a try and see if it works for you.

Payment terms

Minimum payment is $50 and you get paid on every 40 days (NET40). Please note that you need to fill tax documents in order to get paid.

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Wire transfer ($30 fee)
  • ACH payment

What I like

  • Legitimate company with phone number and a real world address
  • Acceptable CPM and PPC rates
  • In-text ads don’t take any of your ad inventory
  • Clean ads

What I don’t like

  • Doesn’t work well on pages with little text
  • Some users may find in-text ads intrusive
  • Beware that you are required to give them 30 days notice before removing their code or they may suspend your account

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3 thoughts on “Kontera review

  1. Esra

    infolinks is also good option to make money onlnie with website inline ads,But i always make money onlnie with affiliate program and my best affiliate provider is commision junction.

    1. Nagelly

      It is really very exiictng to Make Money Online from Google, Adbrite and Infolinks. All you need to do is make a website with great content and attract visitors.

  2. telgen.ru

    yep, its not like what it was when we joined it months back, but it still is better than kontera unless it starts paying even lower


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