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Matomy Display (formerly known as Xtend Media) is an Israel based ad network, part of Matomy Media Group. They are specialized in performance based display ads. It means you will be paid for displaying ads, but only if they convert, much like with affiliate networks. If the clicks don’t convert, you will be paid pennies. Difference between Matomy Display and affiliate networks is that you just paste single block of code on your website and their system will optimize ads based on your site’s category and user demographic. This takes a lot of work of your shoulders, but may not be optimal if you know your audience very well.

Unlike Matomy Market, who has sophisticated in-house ad serving platform, Matomy Display doesn’t have one and they use Adk2. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re familiar with it. Interface is simple to use and provides minimal options. Generating code is also simple and the interface provides preview of all ad formats. You won’t be able to define any channels, so if you run a large website with many sections or you want to do A/B testing, it will be impossible to see which ad placements are performing.

Approval was quick and support responded timely to all my enquiries. Only annoyance I had with them was that my account manager was bit pushy and was always complaining that I’m sending too little traffic and that I can’t really see good results unless I send more traffic.

Earnings with this network were very erratic and unpredictable. On some days I had a great performance, while on others I literally made pennies. There were no changes in ad placements or traffic. Testing was done on a sample of 40,000-50,000 daily impression in one month period. Overall, earnings with them are not so bad and unless you’re not annoyed but their erratic nature, I recommend you should give them a try.

Ad formats

They offer all standard ad formats, including several that are becoming more popular lately. One of these formats worth mentioning is certainly catfish banner. It is a 728×90 or 300×50 banner that slides appears at the bottom of the page. This format provides great results, but depending on your niche, some visitors may be annoyed by it, so be careful. Another format that certainly catches user attention is so called “intromercial”. It’s basically an ad that appears in a lightbox and user has to skip it or click on tip.

Payment terms

They run a billing platform (Matomy PubHub) separate from their reporting platform. Every beginning of the month, you will be notified of the invoice that you need to approve in order to get paid. You get paid around three to four weeks after this. That is slightly faster than NET30.

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Wire (required for payments over $10,000)
  • Payoneer

Is it legit?

I’ve read some negative reports on Digital Point and some other sources about this network being a scam, but my experiences proves these claims to be wrong. These reports usually come from people who probably tried to trick the system in some way. If you’re honest, give them a try and don’t worry about being scammed.

Payment proof


What I like

  • They pay on time
  • Plenty of ad formats to choose from

What I don’t like

  • Unpredictable, erratic earnings
  • Some people may not like hybrid CPM/CPA payouts
  • If you don’t like some ad or category, you will need to contact your manager to manually block it

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