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Matomy Market (formerly AdsMarket) is an Israel based affiliate network founded in 2005. It is a part of Matomy Media Group. They have more than a thousand offers in many categories, of which I found downloads and mobile apps to be top converting one. Unlike many other networks, they have offers for almost all countries in the world. Since this is a CPA network, you will be only paid after user completes some action.

They run sophisticated in-house ad serving and conversion tracking platform. Initially it may look bit confusing, but after a short period of getting used to, is very powerful and convenient to use. Their search facility allows you to search for campaigns, programs, creative, products or mobile offer. I like their GeoTags tool, which in combination with AdZones allows you to create banner rotator for different countries and programs. However, this is not a very easy to do and can be quite tedious work, especially in the beginning.


Commission report interface is simple to use and understand and it provides plenty of information.

Payment terms

Generally NET30, but publishers can negotiate weekly payments. All commissions have to be approved by advertisers.

Payment methods

  • Wire transfer ($40-$50 fee)
  • Check ($100 fee!)
  • PayPal (free). In order to use Paypal you need to contact your account manager.

Is it legit?

Check at the payment proof below. They definitely pay and they pay on time. They have a big company behind them, and they run a serious business, so don’t worry about being scammed. Just don’t try to trick the system and you’ll be fine.

Payment proof


What I like

  • On time payments
  • Large selection of programs

What I don’t like

  • If for some reason you don’t like Paypal, you will be annoyed by really high fees for other payment methods
  • Some advertisers need to approve publishers before you can promote their programs.
  • Their banner rotator may look a bit confusing and takes some practising

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2 thoughts on “Matomy Market affiliate program review

  1. Marketeer

    Matomy Market is probably one of the best affiliate networks I’ve ever worked with. Many international offers, very good rates, helpful support and on time payments. Some offers have up to 30% higher payment compared to other companies. Not sure if they are able to negotiate better rates for their publishers, or maybe their cut is smaller. One thing I didn’t like, is that you have to be paid in currency paid by the advertiser. If you promote offers that pay in euros and offers that pay in USD, for example, you will have to wait until you have minimum amount for both currencies until you get paid. This means you will get paid twice, once for USD and once for euro. You can’t just convert everything to one currency and withdraw. Anyway, highly recommended.

    1. Noa

      hey, bumped into this (great reviews site!).
      I work in Matomy affiliate services dep, so I can shed some light on the payment issues you’ve mentioned:

      – Payment cycle: has changed to Net 15 since January 2014
      – Leads does not need to be approved by the advertiser before payment (with a few exceptions, like incent offers)
      – Currency: you can ask to be paid in one currency only (ask you AM or contact

      As for the geo-tag and ad-zones toold: we’re working hard to make these features more user friendly. In the meantime we’ve created 2 new user guides that hopefully will make the job easier for newbies 🙂


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