Smowtion review


Smowtion is a pay per view based network with offices in the USA, Mexico and Argentina. Like with many networks these days, their ads are not strictly on CPM basis, but on combination of performance, CPM and PPC campaigns. You won’t be able to choose which types of ads you serve, as they are dynamically optimized for your visitors’ demographics and page context. Although clicks and conversions are being reported, publishers are unable to see what ads were clicked or which offers convert. Ad serving platform takes more than two weeks to learn about your pages and visitors in order to start serving optimal ads. During this time, system tests various ad campaigns and pricing models and adjusts accordingly. Continue reading

Conversant review (formerly ValueClick)


Conversant (formerly known as ValueClick Media) is a top-tier programmatic CPM network based in the United States. Since it was founded back in 1998, Conversant evolved from a traditional ad network to become a personalized marketing platform that drives more than five million sales per day. In February 2014, ValueClick, Comission Junction, Greystripe, Mediaplex and Dotomi united under the same brand name. Beside CPM ads, they also serve PPC and performance based ads, but you won’t be able to choose preferred pricing model, as the ads are served and optimized dynamically. They use real time bidding platform which allows advertisers to bid for every ad impression in real time. This platform is very sophisticated and allows advertisers to fine tune their targeting to specific user demographics, geo location or page content. Continue reading

Ten non-Adsense PPC networks


Pay per click industry has come a long way since it was pioneered by Google Adsense more than ten years ago. Although AdSense was not the first PPC network, they were certainly the one that had most impact and set a foundation for others to follow. In all these years many companies tried to enter this field with more or less success, but none seemed to be able to really get a bigger chunk of the market. I did a short research on this subject in order to see if anything had changed recently. Please note that in this article I will just present companies that have the same pricing model as AdSense. If you’re looking for websites that compare better with AdSense in term of performance, please check my article on alternatives. Continue reading

Matomy SEO review


Matomy SEO (formerly Text Link Ads) is an international company with headquarters in the United States. It is a part of Matomy Media Group, a group of companies that has several online marketing divisions; including affiliate network, display advertising, virtual currency and others. Matomy SEO is specialized in text links ads brokerage. Main purpose of these links is to (artificially) increase a website visibility to search engines. Idea behind this is that quality websites will pass some of their importance through a link. Part with quality websites is true, as they only accept established websites with traffic. In the past, one of the factors used to measure value of links was the Page Rank (Google’s measure of page importance). Apparently they dropped this, as you can’t see it anywhere now. These ads are unobtrusive and can be used to bring in traffic as well, especially if placed on a good position and well-targeted to site content. Continue reading

Kontera review


Kontera is a pay per click and pay per impressions network based in the United States with offices in England and Israel. Unless you’re very new in town, you have probably heard of them, as they have been in this business for nearly eleven years. In all these years, they built a reputation of a respected company and one of the best in this field. They are specialized in contextual in-text or in-content advertisements. This means they will highlight some keywords on your pages and convert them into links. When the user hover the mouse, ad will pop up with more details about the offer. They are using proprietary technology called “Story-Level Targeting”. This technology will not just simply match keywords, but will try to serve best performing ads based on content topic as well as user interest. In reality I didn’t notice any advanced targeting, as the system seems to sometimes highlight keywords that are not particularly relevant to page content. Continue reading