Adcash ad network review


Adcash is an Estonian based company, founded in 2007. Just like RevenueHits and Matomy Display I wrote about earlier, Adcash is also a performance based ad network. That said your traffic needs to convert if you want to earn any money. Unlike them, Adcash is bit more close to a traditional affiliate network because you can choose, if you prefer, offers you wish to promote.

Apparently, Adcash seems to be more tailored to entertainment or gaming websites, as most of their offers come from these areas. At the moment, they serve ads from more than thousand offers to all countries of the world. Their ad platform is dynamically optimizing your ad inventory (they call this dynamic CPM optimization) to serve most relevant ads to your visitors’ demographics and site topic. They also serve ads optimized for mobile platforms and will deliver ads suited to user devices. Continue reading

RevenueHits ad network review


RevenueHits is an Israeli-based ad network founded in 2008. Their ads are performance based (CPA), which means visitors need to convert or you won’t earn anything. In their email communication or marketing materials, they don’t really stress this fact, so people get confused and think that they’re traditional CPM network. I’ve read some angry reviews where they call them scammers without being aware of how the system works. Continue reading

How to make money with your website


So, you designed a nice website, spent hundreds or hours writing content and a lot of money on SEO and keyword research. Search engines are sending you tons of traffic, social networks are buzzing about your content. Now you just need to make some money, which is the easy part, right? Well, it can be much more difficult than you think and for various reasons. Web traffic is very fragmented and it will take a lot of time and testing until you become more familiar with your visitors and their browsing habits. Problem may arise from outside factors too, as some ad networks may be very picky and reject your content for one reason or another. I chose some methods that are most likely to work in 2014 and skipped some that I think that don’t. Please take a moment to read following tips that may apply to many situations. Continue reading

Top ten CPM ad networks 2014


Recently I tried to find some up-to-date article on CPM networks, but all I could find were old and almost useless. So I decided to compile a short list based on extensive research and my personal experience in this area. In case you didn’t know, CPM stands for cost per mille, which means publishers are paid on per impression basis. Advertisers usually choose this pricing method when they want to create brand awareness or when they’re confident their ads will get a lot attention in terms of clicks and conversions. Unfortunately, CPM ads are probably not the best choice for small publishers.

Currently many CPM networks are adding CPA (cost per action) elements to the mix. This means that network will pay for ad impressions, but if visitors don’t convert (buy a product, register, download etc.), CPM rates will drop significantly. I covered these hybrid networks too, since some are having good rates. All reviews are from publisher perspective. Continue reading

PopCash popunder network review


PopCash is an ad network specialized exclusively in popunder CPM based display ads. Even though popunders and especially popups have been notorious for being annoying to visitors, advertisers still like them because they usually convert well and get visitors attention. Most of top tier networks, like Tribal Fusion and Casale Media still have them, so is no surprise some small network are specializing in this area. Of course, these don’t work in all niches. Most visitors looking for legal or financial advice, would probably get annoyed and never visit the site again. On the other hand, if your website is about celebrities, entertainment, streaming content or humor, your visitors  are probably more accustomed and tolerant to this form of advertising. Continue reading