Pub-Fit ad network review


Pub-Fit is a CPM based online ad network with offices in the United States and Argentina. Their platform optimizes performance by delivering most profitable ads through real-time auction. Sources of advertisements include direct advertisers, other ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms etc. Their ads are based on CPM pricing model, but their system tracks and reports conversions and clicks as well. CPM rates seem to be unaffected by changes of these two parameters, so it’s unclear why they track them. During my trial period CPM remained more or less the same, while number of conversions and clicks varied. However, I didn’t use their ads for a very long time, so it may make a difference on your particular website.

The reason you are here is that you probably received an email by one of their media buyers. I also received several messages before I decided to sign-up, even though I usually tend to completely ignore these. Interesting thing is that I received invitation to several of my email addresses, including private which I don’t usually share. I can only guess how they got these. In their e-mail they promise high eCPM, 100% fill rate and that the overall results will be great. I didn’t buy the claim about the great results, but I decided to give them a try anyway.

Signing up with them is easy, obviously, as they seem to invite most of their publisher. You just need to fill a short form and wait for a response. Publisher dashboard is simple and easy to use, but is missing some functionality that I find important. For example, you can’t generate ad codes directly from the interface, but you need to request them from your account manager. They support most standard ad formats, including graphic and flash banners, popups and popunders, interstitials and floats. I dislike the way they implemented float format, as it has shaking animation, which I find very annoying.

Is it possible to make any money with Pub-Fit? Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to. During my trial period, CPM never went above six cents per 1000 impressions. Some may argue that this CPM is not so bad, but for the ad spot where I placed their ads, I usually get much higher rates. Before you decide that they are not for you, I recommend you give them a try at least, as they may work better for your specific niche or website.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $50, paid every 30 days (NET30). Tax forms need to be submitted before payments are sent.

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer (minimum amount is $1000, costs $40 for non-US and $25 for US bank accounts)

What I like

  • Friendly and helpful support

What I dislike

  • Low CPM rates
  • Publisher dashboard is missing some functionality


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