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RevenueHits is an Israeli-based ad network founded in 2008. Their ads are performance based (CPA), which means visitors need to convert or you won’t earn anything. In their email communication or marketing materials, they don’t really stress this fact, so people get confused and think that they’re traditional CPM network. I’ve read some angry reviews where they call them scammers without being aware of how the system works.

They run proprietary ad serving and optimization system. Offers are served dynamically and you won’t be able to choose them individually. This is where RevenueHits is different from traditional affiliate marketing platform. Their platform needs several days to collect enough data to adjust their ads so they suit your users’ demographic and interest. You usually need a relatively large sample in order to optimize ad serving and see positive results. Beside websites, they also serve ads for apps, toolbars, search engines and other web properties. I noticed that some other networks, such as Bidvertiser, use their ads as defaults.

Their front page has rather impressive design with bold fonts and bright pictures of kids in superhero costumes. Signing up with them is an easy and painless process. After a quick approval, you get a dedicated account manager which will guide you through the process of getting started. Support is also helpful and responds quickly. What I really like is their publisher console. They run custom designed reporting and administration platform. On the dashboard, you can see yesterday stats, top placements and even create a new placement. Layout is clean and simple, without any unnecessary clutter. Stats are updated only once per day. They also provide a stats API, which allows you to check your stats from any app that can parse XML.

They support all standard ad formats, including banners, popups, sliders, top banners and shadow box. Interesting format is their top banner, which is a thin layer with a close button that stays fixed on top. Another interesting option is the shadow box, which is an ad that stays in the lightbox and can be set to automatically close in 30 seconds, or the visitor can close it manually.

All that is nice, but now for the really important question: can you make any money with them? Most heated debate about RevenueHits was in this department. Many complained about zero earnings and gave up very quickly. From my experience, you can make money, but as I mentioned earlier you need traffic that converts. Although, my average CPM was quite good, I don’t like the fact that earnings vary a lot. For example, one day you can make $30 and the next day only 50 cents, with the same traffic and ad placements. This is probably not true for websites that have millions of impressions, but for small to medium websites, earnings will oscillate a lot. If this doesn’t bother you, feel free to try them, since the only thing that matters is the final amount on your payment check.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $50, paid on every thirty days (NET30). You are not required to fill any tax documents.

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Wire
  • Payoneer

What I like

  • Quick approval process
  • Responsive and helpful support
  • Legit business with phone number and a physical address
  • Clean and simple to use admin panel

What I don’t like

  • Earnings can oscillate quite a bit for smaller websites
  • Stats being updated only once per day
  • Download now/play now ads can be deceiving for visitors

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22 thoughts on “RevenueHits ad network review

  1. gurman

    You never know with them. Yesterday I had a $20 lead, while it can get as low as three cents. It all depends on user country and traffic quality.

  2. Jason

    i am very happy with revenuehits, i combine revenuehits and matomy, and i get awesome results.

    but for example some days i only made 5 dollars, but others days like yesterday 65 or 40, 70 depends.

    i love it

  3. moris cheater

    in our case.. we are not happy in Revenuehits.. they ought to shave or steal some of our traffics and revenues.. that’s why there are times you can’t quite comprehend why you are having such very little revenue during the update.. even though u have a decent traffic.. the answer is that’s is the time their account managers doing their mojojo job with incredible voodoo in your stats. 🙂 this is true and for you guys.. you can later on realize it or you will eventually know what i mean..

  4. Moris RevenueHits


    This guy above is right – I’m a cheater.
    I promise him 70/30 rev share and I gave him more so ya I cheated him with more money.
    I don’t usauly comment – but this guy is so ungratfull and such a layer that I will show is earnings with us and you can choose for your self what’s the truth.
    I never publishe results – EVER – But this is too much – liers have no right to talk and not face with the trouth – but you’ll be the juge

    I see I can’t add a picture here but those are the stats – I’ll be ready to send the print screen to anyone who wants.

    Owner – Mk1iceflame
    Impressions – 98,543
    Clicks – 53,666
    CTR – 54.459%
    Revenue – $823.48
    Publisher Revenue – $609.54
    Revshare – 74%
    CPM – 618.55c

  5. Moris RevenueHits

    Also someone needs to tell him that on CPA there are some great days and some less – This is the CPA world 🙂

  6. Khaled Syfullah

    I am running revenuehits for two days…although I have impressions and clicks i am not making any revenue..could you explain why?

  7. Steve

    revenuehits are for the sites that arent good enough for adsense. torrent sites and porn sites are where they get their revenue. their ads are shit and look like viruses.

  8. Shahrooz

    My first day experience
    impressions 656
    clicks 256
    cpm 0
    earning 0

    didnt understand why this is zero

    i lives in pakistan

    1. Rohit Kumar

      U won’t get revenue only for ad clicks they should do some actions like installing music player If some one sees music players ad they should click and install that player to get money.
      For more information about revenuehits contact me

  9. vsystech

    waste of time!,

    i’m received email from revenuehits, try our ads.

    after 1 day checking my rates, were shocked!

    0.11$ / 1000 visitor. ( paying 1.47$ for 12.000 visitors… )

  10. sahar25 scammed me and did not pay now on 3 websites and after that they appear a notice that my account has been locked and i have to contact my account manager … thanks god i have another company ads on the same websites and the another company paid me every month i think i will only use any company but not revenuehits

  11. tujian

    Revenuehits scammed my website revenue, with traffic about 1million+++ for about 12 days. But we cannot get the revenue from them. They work as a thief on the net, like sh…..

  12. Vinayak SP

    Hey Guys,

    Revenue Hits is 100% Scam. The moment my account reached $100 they Locked it up for no reason. I searched online for reviews, Everyone faced the same issue as I did.

    I strongly recommend to stay away from this network. They show really high eCPM of $10 for 1000 Impressions. At the end they will lock the account.


  13. Lee

    I wouldn’t recommend Revenue Hits. I ended up with the ilivid Downloader virus on my site, blatantly advertised at the top of my site. The pop up ads were so obnoxious that people were having trouble getting to read my content. I ended up removing the ads from my site due to complaints.

  14. ali

    First month i got 600+ usd for my website after a year now i am getting 36usd a month for same traffic thats how horrible this network. They slowly decrease cpm.

  15. Leon Fletcher

    I have a small site, got blocked from Google AdSense due to a troll. Blocked his IP but Google did feck all. Tried RevHits, account got locked after three days saying I pose a risk for invalid traffic! Never clicked an ad, averaged at about 200 impressions a day (according to their reports), no clicks, no form of appeal process.

    Oh, and when you create your account, the default is to automatically enable very intrusive pop up ads! Not good service at all!!!


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