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Smowtion is a pay per view based network with offices in the USA, Mexico and Argentina. Like with many networks these days, their ads are not strictly on CPM basis, but on combination of performance, CPM and PPC campaigns. You won’t be able to choose which types of ads you serve, as they are dynamically optimized for your visitors’ demographics and page context. Although clicks and conversions are being reported, publishers are unable to see what ads were clicked or which offers convert. Ad serving platform takes more than two weeks to learn about your pages and visitors in order to start serving optimal ads. During this time, system tests various ad campaigns and pricing models and adjusts accordingly.

Signing up with them is relatively difficult. I say relatively, as you are required to verify each of your websites using meta tag in addition to standard registration form. In order to get paid, publishers are also required to fill tax forms and verify their identity by submitting scanned copy of their personal ID, such as passport or driving license. To be honest, I have never come across to such request from an ad network. Beside these annoyances, sites are approved quickly and they don’t seem to be too picky. In addition to English, their website, publisher dashboard and documentation are translated to German, French, Spanish and few other languages. This is most welcome, as many networks seem to forget about non-English speaking publishers. Another thing worth mentioning is that they strictly enforce their TOS, so be sure to read it before joining. I have read several reports of publishers being banned.

Publisher management and reporting dashboard is well designed and simple to use and is one of the best I have seen so far. You can finish all your common tasks; such as change account details, add new websites or generate code, directly from there without a need to contact support. Only two situations where you need to contact support is to delete websites and setup banking information for wire transfer payments. Statistics are updated several times a day, but they recommend checking them once per day to get most accurate results. In my experience, sometimes it can take even longer for stats to catch up.

Supported ad formats include all standard IAB banners, popups, sliders, outro and overplayer. Slider ads are standard banners that slide from desired direction and stay on top of content until closed. Outro ads will only appear after the visitor clicks on an external link before external page opens. Overplayer ad appears at the bottom of your video player window. You can place no more than five ads on any of your pages, which is more than enough if you appreciate your visitors.

Affiliate program pays 10% of referred publishers’ revenue for first six months. Really good thing about their referral program is that referred members receive 80% revenue share compared to standard 60%. This way you can give incentive to your visitors or friends to sign-up through your referral link. If you can’t find one, drop me a message and I will send you my referral link.

How well does Smowtion perform? While I’m sure many publishers have success with them, unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. CPM rates were lower than many networks I tried in the past, but not the worst. I was averaging $0.09 CPM for medium rectangle ad with 3.8% conversion rate. Perhaps the reason for this is I didn’t keep their ads for full two weeks as they recommend in their FAQ. I didn’t feel like waiting for so long as their rates would really need to improve significantly to beat the CPM I used to get with some other networks. Many online reports confirm my findings. But like with other things, those who complain are the loudest and those who are content usually keep quiet. So, I recommend you give them a try and see if their ads perform better for your specific website or niche.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $100, paid every 45 days (NET45). Tax forms need to be submitted before payments are sent.

Payment methods

  • Check ($3.50 fee for regular post and $45 for FedEx delivery)
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Smowtion prepaid Mastercard (you can apply for it once your balance reaches $20)

What I like

  • Publishers’ dashboard layout and reporting
  • Good affiliate program
  • Clean ads
  • Responsive and helpful support

What I dislike

  • Registration process, complicated website and identity verification
  • Relatively high payment threshold


6 thoughts on “Smowtion review

  1. Deepak Bhakoo

    The WORST ever. In the starting it was fine. And now the payment is stuck at 74.05$ since the last 6 months or so. My site receives high traffic every day and their stats show absolutely ZERO impressions. When i ask the support they say “problem has been resolved”. I want to close my account with them and have asked to pay me the balance amount. But i am sure they will NOT. Frauds… nothing else.

  2. kayle

    We use smowtion for 2 years and today they stop sending payments to us.

    This guys no longer respond to our emails we have $200+ balance in our account.

    It’s been 1 month no replies or what so ever we can still login on their website dashboard!

    This guys are scam.

  3. marc

    This guys suddenly stopped sending us payments we have $500+ in our account and we are using them for almost 3 years already. KEEP AWAY to smowtion they might shutdown soon.

    Our account is still active they are still showing ads on our site!

    We are trying to contact them for 2 months already using but they seem to keep ignoring our emails!!! BEAWARE this guys are SCUM.

    To all newbies out there trying to earn money online with their website a good start is to use well known Ad Network to avoid scum, reviews like this don’t guaranty anything.

  4. enassr

    Scam Scam Scam I have $1900 They blocked all sites and never reply for telephone or email don’t work wit you wesat your time


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