Taggify review (CPM and PPC)


Taggify picked up fame recently after they received some good reviews on online forums. I decided to sign up and see if this is true, but more on this later. Taggify is a CPM and PPC based network, founded in 2011 with offices in Chile, Argentina and the USA. Will you be paid on per click or per view basis, mostly depends on your content quality, website topic and visitors’ location. In addition, they track performance as well, meaning your earnings will depend on how well your traffic converts to advertisers. Focus of their advertisers is traffic from the US, Canada, Western Europe, South America and South East Asia, while other countries may have limited supply of advertisements. Joining Taggify is easy and approval takes only one day. They don’t have specific traffic volume requirement, but your website should not promote violence or contain any hate speech.

When you first visit their homepage, you will be greeted by a very nice, informative and clean layout that looks bit similar to Apple’s homepage. All supported formats are explained and graphically illustrated with highlights on their main features. What sets apart Taggify from competitors are supported ad formats, which include contextual banner/text ads, in-text ads, photo, video and layers ads. Most interesting formats are definitely their photo ads (they call them Photofy), which appear over the photos as text, and video ads (they call these Videofy), which appear as series of recommended videos at the bottom of video player. Text ads look very much like older AdSense units and can be customized to blend into content well. Layer ads slide to screen and stay on top of content. In my opinion, best of layer ads is probably catfish format, a 728×90 banner that stays at the bottom. Link units (Linkify) will put an intermediary ad for your exit (or even internal) links. Depending on your traffic source and quality and your content type, fill rates can be quite low. I recommend you to set passback ads to serve as defaults if they are unable to fill your inventory.

Admin panel may look slightly confusing at the beginning, especially ad creating and code generating, and may take some time getting used to it. Everything you need is there though, including ads management, website and referral management, reports, payments etc. Referral program pays 10% of publisher’s earning for lifetime and 10% of advertiser’s spending if you refer an advertisers, also for lifetime. There is no limit in number of referrals.

So, is it possible to earn any money with them? To be honest, I wasn’t able. Every time I tried I was just making coins. But before you take this as a no, we need two consider two things. First, website I tested their ads on is not text rich, so I assume their bot wasn’t able to correctly target the ads. Second, I only tested their text ads and not their specialty – video and image ads, as my website has none of these. I can assume that websites with images, videos and lot of text content would perform better. As a matter of fact, I’ve read positive reports regarding Taggify on several websites and forums. Don’t let my experience discourage you and give them a try for a few weeks.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $100, paid on every thirty days (NET30). You are not required to fill any tax documents.

Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • PayZa
  • Wire transfer (minimum $1000)

What I like

  • Quick and simple approval process
  • Good looking ads and good selection of ad formats
  • Legit business with phone number and a mail address
  • Friendly and helpful support

What I don’t like

  • Ad fill rates can be low
  • CPM and earnings for certain content types can be very low

Web address

http://adnetwork.taggify.net | Sign up with Taggify

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