Top ten CPM ad networks 2014


Recently I tried to find some up-to-date article on CPM networks, but all I could find were old and almost useless. So I decided to compile a short list based on extensive research and my personal experience in this area. In case you didn’t know, CPM stands for cost per mille, which means publishers are paid on per impression basis. Advertisers usually choose this pricing method when they want to create brand awareness or when they’re confident their ads will get a lot attention in terms of clicks and conversions. Unfortunately, CPM ads are probably not the best choice for small publishers.

Currently many CPM networks are adding CPA (cost per action) elements to the mix. This means that network will pay for ad impressions, but if visitors don’t convert (buy a product, register, download etc.), CPM rates will drop significantly. I covered these hybrid networks too, since some are having good rates. All reviews are from publisher perspective.

Casale Media


Casale Media is a top tier, premium CPM ad network based in Canada. I’ve been with Casale for more than eight years and their rates, ad quality and attitude is one of the best in the industry. Their requirements in terms of traffic and website quality are pretty high though, so they are not suitable for beginner webmasters or bloggers. You will achieve the best results if most of your traffic is from North America, Australia or Western Europe. If you can get in, I highly recommend this network. Please read my full review on Casale.

Payment methods and terms: Check and PayPal; NET30, minimum $25

Visit Casale

Conversant (formerly ValueClick)


Conversant is also one of the oldest and most respectable ad networks around. They offer all standard ad formats and their rates are competitive. Payments are always on time, on every 20th of the month on your bank account free of charge. Requirements to join the network are quite high, but they are not as picky as Casale or Tribal Fusion. However, their traffic requirements are very low as they only require 3000 monthly page views. Please read my full review on Conversant.

Payment methods and terms: Wire transfer (no fees); NET30, minimum €25

Visit Conversant

Propeller Ads Media

propellerPropeller is a traditional CPM ad network, which means that they pay for ad impressions. Great thing about them is that they pay for international traffic and provide 100% fill rate for your inventory. Propeller is not so well knows as some of the networks listed here, but their rates are surprisingly high. For example, I get from $2-$3 CPM for pops on an entertainment website, which is higher than many other networks I have tried. They offer wide range of formats, but their OnClick and Mobile Pushup ads have by far the best rates. Requirements to join are not very high, so I recommend everyone to give them a try.

Payment methods and terms: Payoneer, Payza, ePayments, EPESE, Wire, Webmoney Z; NET15-NET30, minimum $100

Visit Propeller | Sign up with Propeller

Tribal Fusion


Another top tier network with a very long tradition. Top tier are their requirements too. In addition to high quality content which is being updated on regular basis, attractive page design, they require no less than half a million unique visitors per month! If you can meet all these requirements, rates you will get are very good and comparable to Casale or maybe even AdSense.

Payment methods and terms: Check; NET45, minimum $50

Visit Tribal Fusion



BuySellAds is a form of a marketplace which allows you to sell your adspace directly to potential advertisers. You just have to create an ad and they will do the rest for you – process payment, bring in the customers, provide statistics. Of course, they do this for a 25% fee. This platform is very popular among advertisers, because they can hand pick websites where they want their ads to appear. Your website or blog needs to have a minimum of 50,000 page views per month in order to qualify.

Payment methods and terms: PayPal, Check, Wire transfer (minimum $500, $35 fee); NET1 (daily), minimum $10

Visit BuySellAds

Technorati Media


Technorati is best known as a blog search engine and directory. In addition to their main business, they also run a great advertising network. Their rates are pretty decent and traffic requirements are not that high. Signing up is easy, but the approval can take few days since they review all websites manually. Meanwhile, you can log in and get familiar with the backend interface.

Payment methods and terms: PayPal, Check; NET60

Visit Technorati Media



AdCash is not really a CPM network, but is more performance based, like traditional affiliate programs. This means your CPM rate will mostly depend on how well traffic you send performs. You can choose which programs you wish to promote or you can algorithm decide which campaigns will perform best, based on your visitor demographic. AdCash seems to be more suited for entertainment website, since many of their offers are related to online games or mobile content. Please read my full review.

Payment methods and terms: PayPal, Wire transfer, Skrill; NET30, minimum €25

Visit AdCash

Matomy Display


Another performance based ad network I wrote about more in detail here. Once you paste the code on your pages, it will take few days for their algorithm to decide which ads will perform best for your content/audience. Depending on your visitors and how well they convert, you can make very decent amounts with this company. In my experience, earnings will fluctuate a lot, especially on smaller websites. However, average income is higher than many CPM only networks.

Payment methods and terms: PayPal, Wire transfer; NET30, minimum $50

Visit Matomy

Sovrn (formerly Lijit)


Sovrn is really great if majority of your traffic comes from the United States, otherwise you should probably skip them, since the fill rate will be very low. If your visitors do come from the US, I can highly recommend them. Their rates can compete with some bigger networks I mentioned here, and the payment is always on time. They also provide website statistics and user demographics (based on data they collect from ads on your sites). However, data I’ve been seeing there is strange at best, so I wouldn’t rely on it. You can also read my detailed review.

Payment methods and terms: PayPal, Wire transfer; NET30, minimum $50

Visit Sovrn



This ad network is specialized in popunder advertising. They accept publishers from all over the world and offer ads for all countries. They offer daily payments (ye, you read this well) and offer quite competitive rates. If your audience doesn’t mind popunders, I recommend you give them a try. If you have time, please read my detailed review as well.

Payment methods and terms: PayPal, PayZa, Paxum; NET1 (daily), minimum $10

Visit Popcash | Sign up with PopCash

93 thoughts on “Top ten CPM ad networks 2014

  1. Munze

    I thought Matomy is a traditional CPA network where you choose individual programs you wish to promote. Am I missing something?

    1. ifekaj Post author

      The one mentioned in this article is their display ads division. Basically, is the same as affiliate programs, but it takes of the burden of choosing individual programs for specific user demographics and/or traffic quality. It’s sort of affiliate program for lazy internet marketeers 😉
      Results I had with them were not so bad, but I found those “download now/play now” ads to be somewhat annoying. However, these ads appear to be everywhere nowadays, including AdSense and alike.

  2. Streamer

    Most of these are impossible to get in. They either have very high traffic requirements or are very choosy in what niches they allow in. I run streaming videos website with decent US traffic and I got rejected by most of top ones mentioned in this article. Even Lijit rejected my site. CPX is OK, but their rates are not that great either. Never heard of PopCash, but I had popups anyway, so they are not an option.

    1. ifekaj Post author

      You may want to try with video overlay ads, as these will work well with your content and many alternative networks offer them. Check Adstract or Taggify. These two never worked for me, but I don’t have any video content, so I can’t really tell. Test and see if they work.

    2. Josh

      I agree, most will reject you and the other ones that will accept you pay out pennies and waste your time. I’ve been using AdShareMarket and its been working well so far.

      1. Yalnizkalbler

        Thanks for the great tip just joined yeastrdey after watching ur tip this is my 1st week in internet marketing, applied it with my daily budget set to a31. approved at lunchtime 8 hours later Result 9029 impressions and 1 click total cost for day 85p.I take it this is good?

    3. karan kapoor

      Hi Streamer, how are you ?
      need to talk to you regarding web traffic, i hope you can help.
      Add me on skype – dionysus02

    4. Mike

      Hello publishers,

      If you have good Pop-up traffic US & Canada based you contact me through my email (

      I am sure you will not regret this one.

      Good day.

    1. stev

      Adotize also good cpm ad network for pop and banners . i’m seeing good result with them from last 5 months

  3. Grand tour

    CPX used to be good in the past, but now they’re horrible. Low fill rates, late payments, bad CPM. IMHO, they don’t belong on this list.

  4. Silver Moon

    About lijit, not sure what kind of verticals does it cater to. I am getting cpm of $0.32 for US traffic. That does not make sense. Others like generated $0.60 cpm for the same US traffic on my site.

    Have you tried ?
    They seem to be giving comparatively better fill rates and cpm at the same time, resulting in higher overall earnings.

    1. Ilir Fekaj Post author

      Never tried Adversal. Admedia has a very confusing interface and the rates were rather low in my case, so I dropped them quickly.

      1. Silver Moon

        So admedia cpm was low for you ….. And you already mentioned that you have been satisfied with casale media. how is the fill rate of casale media ?

        I applied to casale media once and got rejected, should I apply again ?

        1. Ilir Fekaj Post author

          I have around 60% fill rate with Casale, but their CPM rates are good and you can usually make more than with some network that has 100% fill rate. Their rates are lowest in January and the gradually increase throughout the year reaching their peak in December when they get higher than Adsense.
          They also rejected some of my websites. I suggest your read their terms in detail and try meeting their requirements.

  5. star

    hey buddies,

    i would like to know any purely CPM based ad network for US traffic,
    most of the networks i work with are performance based,

    any recommendations ??

    1. Ilir Fekaj Post author

      From this list Casale, Converstant, Tribal and Sovrn are pure CPM networks. If you don’t mind popups, PopCash is also paying CPM. Please note that even though they pay on CPM basis, they have mechanism to evaluate quality of traffic. This means that rates drop significantly if traffic is not converting.

        1. star

          thanks for the info, earned 20 bucks for now, will try another one, any recommendation that will work with PopCash?

          1. Victor

            Hey star,
            what’s their average cpm? How long did it take you to earn 20 bucks?

            Would appreciate an answer very much. I’m a beginner…

    2. antonystephen


      I suggest is Purely CPM based ad network you are looking for.I’ve been working with them from quite time and seeing good results with them

  6. Ankur

    Thanks for the list
    Most of my traffic comes from mobile web.
    But the problem is many ad networks show popups when the website is viewed on mobile browsers.

    It would help if you mention that which ad networks doesnt show popups on mobile

    1. Ilir Fekaj Post author

      If you use popup code, most networks I tried recently seem to show some form of popups for mobile users as well. The problem is that these mobile have really negative effects on user experience and networks don’t provide a way for publishers to disable them.
      Only way to get rid of these would be to use some scripting language to detect mobile users and serve them some other ad or no ads at all. You can find an example for PHP code here:

  7. edomz

    Good selection of networks indeed! But I think also provide good ecpm rates! I tried them on my blog and was quite happy with the earnings!

  8. Sangram

    I have few websites and tried almost all network and find has best rate for my India traffic, I am getting low rate for some of my website which may be blocked by some advertiser and for my other website I am getting 10c average for India and around 50c for EU and quite happy.

  9. David Lee

    I use, they are a Google ADX partner that can get your google ADX tags, even for low traffic sites. They have a bunch of cool ad units too.

  10. james

    DRAVAM is excellent. I have no idea about other CPM networks. Which is fine, Try this and I guarantee your CPM will skyrocket. But I can assure you if you start focusing on getting traffic your CPM can increase 5X to 7X the average that’s floating around. I’ll leave you to speculate. DRAVAM is a great place to make serious and thoughtful income. It works exactly like the real world. DRAVAM is no exception.

  11. hassan

    hello can someone please help me i just start my new blog and i want to earn money when someone comes to my blog? please also tell me how much per view or 1000 view of my blog i earn? and is it depends on which country my users are coming?
    i m waiting for yours reply
    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards

  12. best CPM and Popup Network

    Great work and article. I think you should also add in the list of CPM networks, they are giving a quite good e CPM rates.

  13. Nikky

    Can you suggest any best Beauty/Fashion/Health related good advertising networks which i can join. My blog is growing well and i’m looking to monetize it 🙂

      1. Kajal

        Sorry to say, your math is off. I have been advertising for years and years and know a thing or two. Average CTR on FB is betewen 0.03% and 0.05% some more fine tuned targeting can average 0.08% CTR. Not 1%. I would run your math again with these more realistic numbers and see what you get.

  14. Palla Sridhar

    Suggest me a suitable CPM or CPC network that gives atleast $2 per CPM from US traffic. I get around 15000 sessions per month from US traffic alone and 25000 in total. My blogs are and I currently am using Adsense. Is there a better alternative in display advertising CPM wise. If so, please suggest any good one !!!

  15. Danica James

    I would also recommend Global Matrix Media. Affiliate manager is always available and very accommodating. She assisted me on my concerns and she always pay me on time. I am with Global Matrix Media for 5 months now and so fai I am happy with them.

  16. sharad gupta

    This list is quite useful for the publishers those are interested to monetize their online content with CPM mode .In fact CPM makes sure that you will earn definitely even it is small money.

  17. Joaquin Meza

    Hello to everybody, i am the Media Manager of an International Company calls Media Soul.
    If you want to monetize your inventory, nowadays i am having rates between U$0,35 eCPM to U$1,69 eCPM.
    Contact me by Skype ( joaquinmezacaballero) or drop me an email to
    Hope to start this business relationship asap!
    Cheers to everybody!

  18. Simranjit singh

    I have been searching for cpm ads for my blog. I am not getting much traffic right now so in that case which network should I use?

    1. Ilir Fekaj Post author

      I’m afraid that CPM networks usually work better on higher traffic. Perhaps you can try some affiliate program tailored specifically for your niche? Or if that doesn’t work, you can always use Adsense.

    1. raptor

      Go to this site for every sort of PC Tech Support related help. be it calls, Google Adwords or Pay Per Call !
      googleadwords71 dot blogger dot com

      1. Gautam

        I actually have a clinet site that I have ad space available on using the pay-per-month setup. That site runs on a custom CMS (soon to be released under a GPL), so I have a basic ad management system built in. The site is too small for most ad management companies (about 4500 pageviews/month), so I use the direct sales method.

  19. Scott Beckman

    Excellent article i will apply for some of these. My website receives on average 350,000 page views per month 80% of the traffic is from the UK, it is in the sports niche. can you recommend the best CPM network for me? Thanks

  20. Mike


    I was curious and limitations on Impressions by one Phone or Website. I know how clicks work but we have a Self Help App that would be read often or Daily. Do Ad companies have a problem with to many impressions?

  21. vishnushankar is the best Publisher network for small and midsize publishing websites to generator more revenue. publisher minimum payout of 1 USD and the payment threshold in every month twice.

  22. Khavish

    I applied at tribalfusion but i didn’t get any reply after 7 business days.I fully satisfy their traffic requirements.

    What cpm network that uses banners (not popup or pop under) , has good fill rate (100% if possible) and has good eCPM for high traffic websites.I need wire transfer payment

    Which cpm network you would recommand?

  23. Steve Boulshifanski s

    Don’t fool yourself guys, some companies will promise you things that will never happened. Promising you ECPMs that don’t exist, they will do anything and tell you anything as long as you install their SDK. Some even give you good ecpm in the beginning and few months later you discover your ecpm drops. Best is get some advice..i got my “inside” info how to monetize my app from some agency called…they even connected me to other ad networks (PERSONALLY!!!) and help me build campaign to advertise my app in the cheapest way !!!

  24. serwer

    give me a company where I can lock tags that are not displayed advertising.

    eg. do not want to let the game ads on my website.

  25. Ted Baker

    GO visit Lizads they are a great CPM network very professional and friendly staff. Always paid on time with top dollar CPMS. Check them out!!

  26. Rasull

    Hi All,
    Most of the network providing good rates for US, UK and Europe traffic not for Indian traffic.
    I am using CAPSLOCK Network and getting very good rates. You can try for CAPSLOCK Network they are giving good CPM rates for Indian traffic also.

  27. AppUnwrapper


    I was going to try PropellerAds since I have a chunk of international traffic and some other as networks I’ve tried don’t pay well for those. But Propeller requires a Skype account to sign up? I’ve never heard of any company forcing people to use Skype. Is it worth bothering? I’ve been using Lijit/Sovrn for several years now, but am not thrilled with them lately and would like to find a good impressions-based network to replace them.

  28. Ndya sorin

    Tribal and Matomy are good, if you have quality traffic, videojam(tv) is new and i was referred by a friend, new networks always pay good,plus they have video content and ads, so try them out, also Popcash is nice if you don’t mind the pop-under

  29. Tamil

    Good list of Ads network for small publisher, I am using Qadabra to my website, check my website watch Indian movies, video, cooking, health tips, please check my site http//

  30. Iunona

    A good paying ad network recently established is MYadsnet. It is based on pop under advertising with a CPM strategy. They have very good rates for quality traffic from publishers. Advertisers can buy traffic from all countries at a good price, their inventory covers all verticals, desktop and mobile.

  31. Radepress

    …maybe is Best CPM network littleandbigads have high CPM from all countries,…
    More ads format:text,banner,flash,video,pop up,popunder,inline,full page,splash,peel,pictext,mobile.
    Default ads – Adsense…

  32. jose marin

    I´ve been using Adtomatik for the last two months and got very good results. They give me
    advice about the most suitable monetization strategy and offer modern digital solutions
    such as: In-image ads, Native ads, among others

  33. QueenMelanie

    Firstly that’s a great article. Thanks for such useful information. I just recently started off with a website with my friends. I needed some help to optimize my revenue. As we’ve just started off, I know that the income is going to be really low. But all I wanted to know what are the good practices or ways to optimize the CPM ads on my website. I wanted to know things like:1) What category of website earns the most out of a CPM ad agency? 2) How many ads per page gives the best outcome? Is it best to have 1 ad per page from 1 ad agency or many ads per page from the same ad agency? Or is it better to have 1 ad from 1 ad agency and work with many ad agencies like that? 3)What size of banner makes the most money? Also, what are the best possible placements of ads on a page? 4)Usually which country’s traffic fetches maximum earnings?

    I’ll be extremely grateful to receive a reply to this. This will help me a lot.

  34. FeelPlanet

    Does anyone use Quadabra? I see very low rates for my brasil traffic. Which cpm network does you recommend for my traffic? Thanks!

  35. Peter

    Ads Blow is an Online Advertising company with a dedicated team who are always ready to bring the most out of online advertising and help you to grow your business.


    my site more than 50000 page view per month but google absence don t approve my account so tell me which cpm ads network good for me I am waiting for replay


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