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Vibrant media is a contextual pay per click ad network based in the United States. Similar to Kontera I wrote about earlier, their main specialty is in-text ads, but they also offer wide range of other ad formats which I will describe in more detail later. Their platform (called IntelliTXT™) will scan page elements to determine the page context and highlight relevant keywords that will most likely draw attention of your visitors. This generally works well, but will sometimes highlight irrelevant or even no keywords at all. As with other in-text and contextual advertising networks, system works best on text rich pages. In-text ad format is popular among publishers as it doesn’t take any space on the pages, but it may sometimes confuse visitors. Personally I dislike this format, but regardless of your preference, this form of advertising can be effective.

Signing up with Vibrant is relatively easy. You are required to fill a relatively short form and wait for approval by a Vibrant employee. They can be quite picky with websites they accept, so make sure you read their TOS before applying. I’ve read reports that some publishers who haven’t received any response to their application or got rejected had more luck by contacting their representative directly, but I can’t confirm this. In order to get approved they have a pretty much standard set of requirements including that websites can’t promote hatred, violence, gambling, illegal content, break copyright laws etc. One requirement worth mentioning is that websites need to get at least 500,000 monthly page views, which is bit on a high side if you ask me. All pages where you wish to place their code need to be at least fifty words long. As with any other PPC network, publishers are not allowed to click ads or provide incentive for others to click.

As I mentioned earlier, they offer wide variety of ad formats beside standard in-text ads, including lightbox, mosaic, story board, brand canvas, in-image and standard contextual display ads. Lightbox format is a video ad that loads in a full screen lightbox. This format has two parts. In first part ad appears as a small graphical banner at the bottom of an image. If the user rollovers the mouse for several second or clicks the banner, video ad is launched. Mosaic format is similar to Lightbox, but it allows advertisers to push all kind of content into a lightbox, including videos, images, text or real times social media feeds. Storyboard format allows advertisers to create interactive slide shows that can store any type of content, including interactive graphics, video, text and more.

Vibrant has a great publisher referral program. Depending on the number of impressions that referred website generates, you will be paid one-time fee according to the following table:

Site traffic (page views per month) Referral award
250K – 500K $100
500K – 1M $500
1M – 5M $1,000
5M – 10M $2,000
10M + $3,000

Please note that referred websites must be new to Vibrant and have live ads for at least 45 continuous days.

Interface is clean and well organized and international publishers will appreciate that the website and documentation are translated to 16 languages. Their in-text ads though, will work on pages in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and German. In addition to their standard code, they also provide a plugin for WordPress users.

Revenue with Vibrant will depend on many factors, but the most significant are the page topic and the amount of content on pages. As I mentioned earlier, in-text ads will work best on text and keyword rich pages and this applies to all networks that support this format. Vibrant is a premium network, both on advertiser and publisher side and in my experience, it will in general perform bit better than similar networks. Their ads are clean of spyware and they pay on time, so I will recommend you give them a try if you meet their relatively high requirements.

Payment terms

Minimum payment amount is $100, paid every 30 days (NET30).

Payment methods

  • Check
  • Wire transfer

What I like

  • Better rates for in-text ads than competition
  • Great affiliate program
  • Clean ads

What I dislike

  • In general I find in-text ads annoying
  • Relatively high minimum traffic threshold (500,000 monthly page views)


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  2. Jon

    I trust you’re using Vibrant Media on a website. How did it perform for you? Can you divulge RPM? Thanks


    Thank you for sharing this information. I have already received an invitation from vibrant media to join their system. I am planning to do work with them.


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