Honest and unbiased reviews on advertising networks and affiliate programs, based on personal experience. Information regarding performance, revenue, CPM rates, payment terms and ad formats. My main focus are smaller and independent networks, but I cover some mainstream as well.

Casale Media review


During the golden days of Google AdSense program, many websites could use them exclusively as their only source of advertisements. AdSense is still a very important source of income these days, but the decline in earnings, restrictive program policies and quality of ads are forcing many publishers to look for other programs to supplement their income or as an alternative. All this created room for other networks, such as Casale, to take a chunk of this lucrative market. Casale Media is a premium, top tier CPM ad network from Canada. Ad targeting and serving is automatically optimized based on many different factors, including geographic location, page context, browser, user response, retargeting etc. Advertisers buy ads using programmatic real-time bidding platform. RTB is a form of programmatic advertising which allows advertisers to purchase ad space through real-time auctions using automated process. This whole process is transparent, as publishers can see detailed reports on bidding activity such as: number of bids per impression, sources of demand, industries by demand, average winning and losing bids etc. Continue reading

REACH network review


REACH network is a PPC ad network based in UK. Their system is supposedly able to test the quality of your traffic and match the context of your pages in order to serve the best ads possible. However, as far as I can tell, their system is based on simple keyword matching. Advertisers bid on specific keywords which are matched against keywords provided by publishers through a query string parameter in the XML feed or the parameter in JavaScript code. Their main focus is low quality (incentivized or alike) traffic, as the average bid per click is only $0.001 (yes, that is one tenth of a cent). As an illustration, in order to make $1 you would need 1000 clicks. If we take some standard CTR of, for example 1%, a website averaging 100,000 daily page views would only make $1 per day. Continue reading

Pub-Fit ad network review


Pub-Fit is a CPM based online ad network with offices in the United States and Argentina. Their platform optimizes performance by delivering most profitable ads through real-time auction. Sources of advertisements include direct advertisers, other ad networks, ad exchanges, demand side platforms etc. Their ads are based on CPM pricing model, but their system tracks and reports conversions and clicks as well. CPM rates seem to be unaffected by changes of these two parameters, so it’s unclear why they track them. During my trial period CPM remained more or less the same, while number of conversions and clicks varied. However, I didn’t use their ads for a very long time, so it may make a difference on your particular website. Continue reading

Best pop-under ad networks


Ever since the early days of web, browser developers and users were trying to find ways to block the dreaded popup ads. At the same time, popup ad networks and publishers were trying to stay one step ahead. You may ask yourself why this form of advertising is still being used even though it is so unpopular. Why do even big brands use it to promote their products or services? The answer is that it converts well for advertisers and brings in good revenue for publishers. These days you won’t see many websites that make this form of advertising notorious, such as sites with multiple pops which are impossible to close and can even cause your browser to crash. Nowadays, most websites prefer pop-under ads, which humbly stay behind the browser window and don’t affect user experience and usually are served once per 24 hours. To be honest, there are far more annoying formats than this, including but not limited to interstitials, in-text ads, video ads or sliders. Popups and pop-under ads are usually paid on CPM or CPA basis, rarely on PPC. In this article I will present to you several networks that I used in the past. Some of these networks are either specializing in pop-under ads or are general CPM networks that have very good rates for pop-under ads. Continue reading

Vibrant media review


Vibrant media is a contextual pay per click ad network based in the United States. Similar to Kontera I wrote about earlier, their main specialty is in-text ads, but they also offer wide range of other ad formats which I will describe in more detail later. Their platform (called IntelliTXT™) will scan page elements to determine the page context and highlight relevant keywords that will most likely draw attention of your visitors. This generally works well, but will sometimes highlight irrelevant or even no keywords at all. As with other in-text and contextual advertising networks, system works best on text rich pages. In-text ad format is popular among publishers as it doesn’t take any space on the pages, but it may sometimes confuse visitors. Personally I dislike this format, but regardless of your preference, this form of advertising can be effective. Continue reading